Recently, the hottest topic in the US media might be the sexual assault case of Judge Kavanaugh, nominated by President Trump for the Supreme Court justice, as well as the partisan disputes arising from this decision. Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the case reached its culmination. Today the Committee has dramatically passed the nomination. However, the Senate made a decision to postpone the full senate vote. In my opinion, this has caused a political rift, which is more drastic than any similar events in recent history.

I didn't intend to get involved in this dispute, however, I live in the United States after all, and it is unavoidable to watch biased reports from CNN in elevators and at restaurants nearby every day. Today, I can no longer suppress our inner anger. We must denounce the instigators of this story, the Democratic politicians who promoted the case, and the so-called mainstream media!

I am a Chinese political dissident in exile in the United States and I am called by the Chinese government as a "critical foreign enemy." I have been attacked and defamed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its accomplices numerous times, from the so-called fundraising scandals to accusations of sexual misconduct. Although every rumor was dispelled afterwards, my reputation was still greatly damaged. Therefore, I am extremely disgusted and sensitive to this type of libel. I might be able to better judge the authenticity of such allegations than an average person due to my own experience to similar circumstances. According to the Chinese proverb, prolonged illness makes the patient a good doctor. For your reference, I would like to briefly explain my views on this case as follows.

The so-called Kavanaugh sexual assault from a personal standpoint was a farce from the beginning. A woman named Ford who had nothing to do with Kavanaugh, accused Kavanaugh of being indecent to her at a party when she was in high school that happened 36 years ago! What's more, so far, there is no evidence that this happened. Now, apart from Ford, who vowed to say that this incident has happened 100%, I don't believe that there is a second person in the United States would say so. If we are relying on a single baseless allegation by anyone, convicting the person being accused, and forcing the person pay a heavy price, every Democratic politician who spits on Kavanaugh should be careful in the future. They are likely to become the next victims also. Maybe tomorrow one of the high school male students of Senator Feinstein, the initiator of this farce, will ‘happen’ to be interviewed by the media, to "disclose" that Feinstein sexually harassed him 66 years ago, leaving him a psychological trauma. Should Feinstein voluntarily resign from the senator before the case is entirely cleared? If this continues, the United States will no longer be the United States, because the rule of law in the United States to protect innocent people has been broken down.

As for whether we should believe in Ford’s accusation or Kavanaugh’s rebuttal is a different matter. Before the accuser does not produce sufficient evidence, we should assume that the accused is innocent. This is common sense. Americans who have lived in a society under the rule of law should have a better understanding of the presumption of innocence than I who grew up under a communist totalitarian regime. Regrettably, some mainstream media in the United States completely violated the this principle and fabricate this story seemingly exist. This morning, Democratic Senator Booker’s statement on the request to postpone the Kavanaugh nomination was very vicious. He subtly described something completely undetermined as if it had already happened, and then tried to incite people's hostility towards Kavanaugh.

If I have to express my opinion on whether the story existed, I prefer Kavanaugh's words and I highly doubt what Ford said at the hearing. At the testimony, Ford attempted to adjust her speech to a certain mode with a tearful voice from the beginning to the end. This was obviously an act, and it was a very bad performance, which is worse than most actors / actresses in Hollywood. As a 50+ year old person telling the story that she experienced an indecent encounter with 2 high school students who were two years older than her when she was 15 years old, it would be incredible that this experience would give her such trauma! Kavanaugh's performance is more authentic. Most of the time he smiles in order to maintain a style. But when he talked about his 10-year-old daughter who prayed for Ford, he couldn't resist tears. I believe every father in the world understands what he was thinking at that time. When he found that his 10 year old innocent daughter was also deeply hurt by this allegation, he certainly felt sorrowful. In fact, it’s not just myself think this way. When I watched Twitter live, the messages below the video blaming Ford for lying, and denouncing the Democratic Party behind the scenes dominated the screen. I went to a restaurant last night and heard an elder at the next table telling the restaurant owner furiously that he was a Democrat and now he was extremely disgusted with what Democratic politicians have done in the last two years and has completely abandoned them. He also pointed out loudly at the TV playing CCN on the wall, especially those who smeared Trump on this TV station all day, was even more disgusting, and these commentators used to be his idols. I am very much relieved to hear this voice in the Democratic Party base. The reason why the United States is indestructible is because there are people who obey the conscience and dare to speak out like him at crucial moments.

One of the reasons convincing me to believe in Kavanaugh is that he took out his calendar of the year 1982, which detailed the things he did during that time, including attending various parties. There was no such party in which Ford accused him of sexual assault, instead, the calendar showed that he spent the weekend at home (the calendar showed he spent most of the summer weekend out of town?). Did Kavanaugh expect to have such accusations in advance 36 years ago, so he deliberately concealed this activity from the calendar? This possibility is lower than those of winning the Mark-Six lottery. He was only 17 years old and was under age. He probably wouldn’t even understand the consequences of such a thing.

Saying the least, if you do this, the determination of whether one is guilty should not be made in a presumptuous manner, rather the public's opinion should not influence the verdict. In the absence of any susbstantial or tangible evidence, it is unfair to assume that this happened only by one's accusation and let Kavanaugh pay a huge price. If this is a case of defamation, who will bear the responsibility of creating a rumor that spreads like wildfire? No one can afford it, as it destroys more than the life of a person prior to having a verdict.

This event is one of the few excrescences that have occurred in the course of the healthy development of the United States for more than two hundred years. It is a major retrogression in history. I feel I have returned to China under the communist totalitarian regime by watching this occurrence, these actions are very familiar to me as in Chinese politics and the constant power struggle that is seen there when a sudden case of Sexual assault or misbehavior is reported is must mean that the perpetrator if of political or societal importance must have fallen out of favor with those in power and is being muscled with this tactic. We even created a nickname for said tactic “The Issues of Love”. This is the end all move if the prosecutor feels that the ‘perpetrator’ in question needs to lose all credibility in society as evidence is fabricated and witnesses are in some way created and presented in a mock trial. I should know since I have also been of these slander tactics in a similar situation, it is utterly impossible to defend oneself when all the cards are set against you. Just like one accusing you of being an alien, how do you prove that you are not?

The worst thing about this is that some Democrat politicians and mainstream media have adopted different standards for the same thing on different people. After the Clinton sex scandal, he openly deceived the public and gave false testimony. However, democratic politicians and the mainstream media still treated him with tolerance and did not drive him out of the president's position. In my opinion, Clinton’s behavior was much more serious than Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior, both morally and legally. But today, these same people condemned Kavanaugh in an incomparably angry manner, trying to prevent him from becoming an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. They should ask themselves why they did adopt a completely different attitude towards the same thing. Is that true they gave up the basic conscience and rationality for the sake of their own interest? What is particularly tragic is that such unwarranted allegations have been resisted by the mainstream media in the past, making them gain no publicity. This time, some mainstream media not only refused to resist, but instead pushed the waves and completely lost the objective and fair standpoint that the media should maintain. This caused us to ponder: What is wrong with the political state of the U.S.?

I am not one to delve into conspiracy theories, though I do have reasons as to why this scandal is happening at this point in time. I really would like to discover the truth behind this incident as I suspect this wasn’t this just a simple sexual assault allegation that bad timing, it maybe very possible that foreign threats have crafted and manipulated this act of defamation against Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. My suspicion is based on the following two solid reasons:

Firstly, Feinstein is one of a few US Senate members who has a notable and remarkable relationship with other countries. In this case I am referring to her relationship with the CCP which is more than formal. What I still remember is that when she voted in the congressional condemnation of the CCP’s human rights violations, she was the one of a few or even the only one who voted against it several times. Now that President Trump is taking an active stance against the CCP, she has been the catalyst that has been the outcry in the defamation of Supreme Court Justice Candidate Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by President Trump. She is the initial instigator of actions in the allegations of Brett Kavanaugh. She chose to throw this accusation at a critical moment of the bipartisan confrontation, which cannot stop people from thinking that this was a carefully planned false charge. It so “happened” that her most close-knit Chinese driver and private secretary were found and convicted to have sold political information to the CCP. Therefore, I feel that the busy FBI should now investigate whether she has any extra-political relationship with the CCP, at least to determine whether she has been compromised by foreign intelligence agencies.

Secondly, if the allegations are proven false by the FBI investigation, it is very rare in the American political ambient that such accusations are thrown with such lack of care of its full effects. Therefore, I have assumed that there might be a foreign influence on this topic rather than it being just a simple sexual misconduct case. It is indisputed that the CCP is attempting to influence or even dominate American politics by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of the American democratic system. The CCP’s over-limitation war against the U.S. was executed in a way that they can do anything far exceeding your imagination. Of course, it is almost impossible for us to find evidence about this matter. I just gave another perspective to this case through speculations based on various information and past occurrences in order to keep people more vigilant.

As a democratic fighter in an attempt to drive away tyranny, I feel very sad to see that the American democratic society has been torn apart by foreign influences. The CCP knows well that an effective tactic is to divide and conquer. Therefore, in order to fight against the Trump administration, we have also seen how polarizing American politics have been. The only overwhelming weapon we can use is to unite and fight against the CCP’s full capacity of destruction and infringement of the U.S, to put country before party. Here, I would like end my article with a famous quote from one of our Founding Fathers George Washington: “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

Baiqiao Tang, Human Rights activist, the author of Death by China’s foreword and My Two Chinas



















0 # Mon 2018-10-06 22:37
Mr. Tang is just misleading the readers here.
Mr. Tang lied about many things and no one should trust him. Mr. Tang has been claiming that he graduated from Columbia University with a master degree for about 15 years. But Columbia University said he did not graduate. Mr. Tang call many Chinese dissidents who hold different opinions from his as Chinese spies. Mr. Tang claim that whoever doesn’t support President Trump is not a real fighter for the democracy of China. Mr. Tang is morally unacceptable in many ways. Recently, he had a fight (verbally) with his wife who was very sick with cancer. He even went out of the way to fabricate lies to further humiliate his wife and lead a group of online mobs to humiliate his wife for weeks on line. Tang always call himself the most anti-CCP dissident. We know that Chinese government persecutes anyone who challenge them inside of China. However, his closest political ally Yanchen Qi lives a good life in China and has a close tie to Qinglin Jia one of former highest leaders of CCP. Yanchen Qi even tried to sell Tang’s wife’s house in Beijing to the family of Jia; the house worthes millions of dollars. If anyone is interest in getting the supporting materials about these claims, please email me at
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