Extremely urgent red alert
In the afternoon of Nov.16th, 2019, the CCP’s People's Liberation Army (PLA) troops advanced into Hong Kong streets to use “clearing the roadblocks” as an excuse departing from the its Kowloon East Army Camp in Kowloon Tong. This is a military test! The purpose is to evaluate the reactions of US and Europe on the Chinese troop deployment in HK. The results of the test will be used by CCP on whether and how to deploy troops in HK.

The World War II started with a military test by Hitler in 1936, and he sent the German troops to Rhineland against Versailles Treaty (the dispatch of German troops to the Rhineland region where the garrison was banned). Due to France, UK and other countries being passive in treating such illegal movement, Hitler determined that Germany could carry out the military expand in Europe and started the war. In this accordance, if the global society of justice ignores PLA military test in Hong Kong, CCP will launch a military operations in large scale soon.
All Hong Kong people, Chinese, and people of justice, please proactively write to the US senators, the congressmen, the White House, the key officials of the US State Department, and the congressional & governmental officials of Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada. Please urge them to react within 72 hours of the CCP’s troops departing from its military camp. Please ask them to take strongest attitude to tell the CCP that it is “absolutely forbidden” to use the PLA troops in Hong Kong (based on current HK laws, the CCP garrison in HK are not allowed to perform any tasks unless HK government requests)!
We are racing against the clock within 72 hours. Compatriots and friends, please write a letter! Write! Write!!!



@baiqiao tang

editor: MO FO